Scale personalized service with automation and connected client data!


Financial institutions can drive new efficiencies by automating complex tasks across employees, workflows, and systems. New features like proactive service and call deflection also help financial services firms reduce operating expenses while maintaining quality service experiences:

1) Salesforce customers reported a 27% increase in case resolution using self-service, automation, and/or artificial intelligence, including Service Cloud-powered chatbots. Virtual Assistant, an intelligent Einstein-powered chatbot solution for Financial Services, is designed to automate routine requests faster across digital channels, like text and messenger platforms, so agents can focus on tasks that require human interaction.

2) With Customer Service Coordination, service agents collaborate in Slack as their digital HQ to accelerate customer case resolution. Using automated workflows and custom bots, Customer Service Coordination generates critical alerts and gathers customer data into a central Slack channel so teams can mobilize around time-sensitive requests, such as fraud incidents, trade execution, and claims processing.

3) Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps marketing teams at financial services institutions unify their customer data from different sources into a client profile using clicks, not code. This helps teams deliver personalized engagement at scale across every channel, including email, mobile, advertising, and the Web. And, with enhanced Streaming Insights and Data Actions, transactional emails, journeys, and 1:1 advisor interactions can be triggered in real time.

Deliver faster service with a unified desktop, actionable insights, and embedded workflows

Financial institutions can now unlock insights that anticipate and properly address customer needs in the channel where they have sought support. Features include pre-built and AI-embedded dashboards to deliver insights to employees:

1) With Intelligent Agent Desktop, agents can unlock valuable customer insights without ever leaving the console page. Features such as Customer Identity Verification, which helps agents reduce the risk of fraud, and Customer Record Alerts, which surfaces important issues that the customer may not even know about when they first call in, help to deliver faster, more comprehensive service.

2) Analytics for Financial Services helps financial services institutions see and understand their customer’s data with data-driven insights to make better business decisions faster, ultimately working to deliver more predictable revenue and deepen client engagement.

3) With Customer Address Change Automation, service agents can expect more integrated validation, routing, and data ingestion processes across systems associated with address changes.

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