Tableau’s Latest Innovations Powers Salesforce Customer 360!


Leaders seeking an advantage in today’s digital-first world need look no further than their data. Data-driven decision making across all lines of business can help any organization answer questions, better serve customers, and surface new competitive opportunities.

At Dreamforce 2021, Tableau announced several new Tableau innovations built for powering smarter experiences across the entire Salesforce Customer 360, including driving deeper insights from CRM data and accelerating time to value of analytics investments. Tableau CRM empowers Salesforce customers right where they work so they can understand their data, discover insights, and have confidence in their business decisions with AI-powered insights in every Salesforce cloud and industry.

Smarter insights drive sales growth

In sales, data-driven selling has a strong competitive advantage over selling by intuition alone. Data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers compared to their competition and nine times more likely to surpass them in customer loyalty, according to McKinsey. Sales leaders simply need better, faster ways to analyze the health of their business across revenue lifecycles and customer touchpoints.

With Revenue Intelligence, businesses can:

1) Exceed targets with actionable insights. Drive forecast accuracy in the flow of work purpose-built analytics to address pipeline gaps.

2) Adapt strategies with data. Quickly uncover winning trends across reps, territories, and customers to drive results at scale.

3) Confidently coach sellers. Improve deal health with AI insights to grow pipeline and close deals faster.

4) Augment data and AI everywhere. Empower everyone with insights tailored to your business by bringing Salesforce and external data together.

Build organization with customer insights without moving data

Salesforce CDP is natively integrated into Tableau CRM. Benefits include:

1) Fast start. Accelerate your data prep with no connector or data setup needed.

2) Easy access. Reduce password fatigue with a single sign on to Salesforce to access both Tableau CRM and Salesforce CDP.

3) Secure and contextual. Centralize control as queries are run on the logged-in profile where sharing rules are automatically applied.

4) Metadata aware. Simplify your data mapping as CDP objects and field labels are re-used to build analytical assets.

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