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Tableau Launches Next Gen Analytics!


SFDC Introduces Tableau Cloud, the premier analytics experience

Tens of thousands of customers are using Tableau Online to deliver analytics in their organizations and with their partners. And the cloud transition is accelerating, data is moving to the cloud like never before, and customers are looking to the cloud to scale analytics faster. In fact, today, nearly 70% of new Tableau customers start their analytics journey in the cloud for the scale, speed, customization, and connectivity the cloud offers. And some of our largest customers have gone all in on the cloud.

There’s never been a more relevant time to introduce Tableau Cloud, the next generation of Tableau Online. This is the fastest way for customers to get the full value of Tableau at enterprise scale IT gets more efficiency, security, and simpler management, while the business is empowered with anywhere, anytime access to their data.

Tableau Accelerators are ready-to-use, fully customizable templates that help organizations get insights and value from their data fast.

Publicly share dashboards with non-licensed Tableau users. Now users can go beyond their enterprise and share key insights publicly with any user. It’s easy to share and easy to embed work in a public-facing website coming to Tableau Cloud in the near future.

Tableau Advanced Management brings together manageability, security, and scalability features for customers running Tableau in mission-critical use cases. Administrators can leverage these highly configurable capabilities to boost security, simplify management, and scale analytics across the enterprise.

1) Customer-managed encryption keys offer more flexibility and control with additional layers of security to meet compliance requirements.

2) Activity Log exposes events in the analytics environment and provides detailed data to help users keep track of how people are using Tableau. This also enables permission auditing, a critical aspect in implementing controls over enterprise deployment.

3) Admin Insights help administrators maximize performance, drive adoption, and manage content at scale with data about workbooks, scheduled job performance, and more. Plus, additional data retention will help admins get better insights over longer periods of time.

The cloud is where the latest Tableau innovations will land first, and Salesforce understands that many customers are at different places on their cloud journeys. Flexibility and choice are Salesforce’s core Tableau philosophies and that includes supporting analytics whether users deployed on-premises or self-managed in a public cloud.

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