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X-Raying the Companies to Save $$$


Celonis has carved a niche by selling companies such as Siemens, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone the software and analytics techniques to (metaphorically speaking) "X-ray" their business processes in order to save time and money. Recently, the company introduced a new platform where Celonis itself, or third parties, can build end-user apps with the aim of making process problems easier to spot and fix.

Process mining works by pulling together data from user interactions with enterprise applications and analysing them in an attempt to reveal the "true" nature of business processes, as opposed to how they were designed or how management thinks they are performed.

Celonis’ new Operational Applications platform helps end-users overcome process blockages. The new system recommends actions to users based on real-time data. Celonis Software recommends the user how they need to act on and where they need to take action directly. For example, in shipping, Celonis uses process data to predict which deliveries are going to be late.

Celonis during its Celosphere online conference revealed that it hides the analytics in the background so business or operations staff can use the tools without data science knowledge. For example: The software can be integrated with Salesforce, ServiceNow or SAP so that the user can click a button in the Celonis application and the action will be executed in SAP. The apps also come with out-of-the-box integration to Oracle, IFS and Infor applications.

The product provides apps in Accounts Payable and Materials Management in Supply Chain Operational Applications, built by Celonis. And, the firm is also opening up the platform to third parties, user organisations and consultants to build their own apps.

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