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ideaHelix is pleased to announce our partnership with Infinite Computer Solutions (Infinite), a global leader in digital engineering and IT services, bringing two industry leaders together. The partnership will enable ideaHelix and Infinite to provide joint innovative solutions for customers embarking on Salesforce and Salesforce Industries transformations. As enterprises expand from CRM to CRM infused with AI and underpinned with data, these industry transformations require deep knowledge and expertise.

The companies share the goals of delivering world class transformation projects that help customers realize rapid time to value and meaningful business outcomes. Each company has developed and successfully implemented proprietary service offers, frameworks, methodologies and accelerators to help customers achieve success. In addition, ideaHelix has developed a suite of digital assets as part of their service offers that enhance and optimize Salesforce implementations and configurations on an ongoing basis.

The expertise that is brought together in the partnership highlights a combined commitment to customer success. Both companies are anchored by former Salesforce senior leaders from product, go-to-market, delivery and architecture teams who understand what it takes to maximize Salesforce investments and reduce risks for customers

“We are looking forward to partnering with Infinite to provide even greater value to our customers,” said Vignesh Shivraj, CEO at ideaHelix. “The innovation and creativity of the team at Infinite will allow us to approach business problems from new perspectives and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

“The team at ideaHelix brings depth and breadth to Salesforce and Salesforce Industries transformation projects,” said Bill Loupakos, Senior Vice President – Sales for Infinite’s Salesforce practice. “Digital transformation is not a plug and play strategy. Partnering with ideaHelix means we can bring even more domain and technical expertise to our clients.”

For more information about this partnership, please contact Tracy Posadowski, Head of Marketing at ideaHelix. For more information on Infinite and their Salesforce practice, please visit their website at