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Executives at the Edge 

PODCAST with Rinoy Varkey, Customer Success Officer, Ideahelix

Our Customer Success Officer, Rinoy Varkey, recently discussed how telecom companies are revolutionizing customer experience and operational efficiency with business-led digital initiatives on the MEF forum with Pascal.

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Rinoy Varkey of IdeaHelix:

Why is a business-led approach crucial for successful digital transformation in the telecom industry?  

What role does technology play in enabling and supporting these transformations? 

How can automation streamline tasks like quotes and orders in telecom businesses? 

Why is standardization important for driving efficiency and automation? 

What strategies can telecom companies implement to streamline processes and adapt to evolving industry trends?

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Explore how service automation accelerates digital transformation. 

Understand how digital service standards improve the customer experience and profitability. 

Join Rinoy and other IdeaHelix executives 28–30 October 2024 in Dallas, Texas, USA, at MEF’s Global NaaS Event

About Our Guest

Rinoy Varkey, Customer Success Officer, IdeaHelix

Rinoy Varkey is the Customer Success Officer at IdeaHelix. He is an accomplished digital transformation champion, having led successful implementations globally. Previously, Rinoy served at IBM Consulting as a Global Partner, Salesforce and Salesforce Industries. Prior to this, he has held various Director-level roles at KPMG-ATOS, Oracle, and Vlocity.

Rinoy has overseen the implementation of complex programs using distributed delivery models in Communications, Media, Energy & Utilities and Financial Services. He leads with a business-first approach to delivering digital transformations that drive measurable impact on business KPI’s. Rinoy deploys innovative solutions for customers that use technology as an enabler for business advantage and agility.