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The company specializes in providing high speed open access fiber broadband infrastructure and is a pioneer in the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) industry in South Africa. The company builds fiber networks and enables residential customers to choose from various Internet Service Providers (ISP) for their internet packages. The company is also known for connecting educational institutions to free high speed internet.

Since launching in 2014, The company has been committed to building a connected South Africa. Voted the best fixed-line broadband provider in South Africa, the company built and maintains an open access fiber network connecting every residential dwelling, and primary and secondary educational institution in the country to world-class fiber broadband. They have one of the most diverse range of services on the network ensuring end users have the ability to choose from any ISP.

As a Salesforce customer with a complex custom Communications Cloud configuration, the company recognized they needed to optimize how their system was performing and better leverage new features in the latest release of the Salesforce Industries applications. They were also experiencing a large number of complex configuration issues that were preventing a smoother transition to this new technology. With complex configurations comes a high risk that the application can be misconfigured during the software delivery lifecycle. They needed expert help.

Experts that get the job done, right

There are endless ways to configure Salesforce Industries Applications to meet enterprise business needs. These applications provide extraordinary flexibility, but it comes with a high degree of risk that they can be misconfigured during the software delivery lifecycle. Misconfigurations are particularly prevalent when companies do not use experts who have hands-on experience implementing and overseeing Salesforce Industries applications.

The company had a backlog of complex Communications Cloud configuration problems they needed to resolve quickly. The issues were impacting business process flows across the organization, reducing their ability to serve their customers in a timely manner.
They knew they needed to bring in best-in-class Salesforce Industries experts to discover, assess and repair their Communications Cloud configuration issues. They chose ideaHelix for our deep experience and expertise in successfully delivering complex Salesforce Industries implementations for global telecommunications companies.

Driving results with the right people & tools

The road to production can be bumpy. Having an expert team that can navigate that road helps you avoid inevitable pitfalls. ideaHelix’s Communications Cloud experts came prepared to rapidly identify issues that were preventing the company from running optimal business processes.

In just two weeks, the ideaHelix expert team was able to identify all development issues that were impacting the company’s Communication Cloud implementation. Using our proprietary Best Practice Assurance (BPA) tool developed alongside the team at Salesforce, our experts not only uncovered the sub-optimal issues in the configuration, they identified previously unknown opportunities for improved system performance.

The DNA service offer combines our world class Salesforce Industries experts with our intelligent rules-driven AI engine to assess Salesforce environments and optimize implementations using Salesforce best practices. The BPA platform analyzes both design time and run time configurations and checks them against documented and undocumented application constraints. Our experts derive recommendations for improvement, prioritizing issues and generating a plan to maximize performance and reduce possibilities for fallout in the software delivery lifecycle. Our team of experts assessed many critical areas in the Company’s Communication Cloud implementation, including a go-live readiness assessment that analyzed:

Go-live readiness assessment

  • Product catalog design & implementation
  • Order management design & implementation
  • Business processes modeled with OmniStudio

Salesforce industries experts that understand your business

Our main focus at ideaHelix is on maximizing your investment in Salesforce Industries and Revenue Lifecycle Management implementations. Coupling our experts with our proprietary tools and proven method-ologies, our customers see faster ROI, time to value and user adoption because of our highly experienced team of industry experts. Contact us today to get the most out of your Salesforce experience.

The assessment uncovered critical configuration issues with the potential for long-term impact on the production environment and DevOps processes. In addition, the expert team made recommendations to optimize decomposition relationships and simplify technical products in Order Management and highlighted the opportunity to simplify the company’s Commercial Catalog design. The company took action and the ideaHelix team carried out the optimization changes. Once the company’s Communications Cloud implementation was running optimally, the company saw the following results:

  • Six user stories were completed, double what was originally identified by the company, which were critical for timing and functionality go-live targets.
  • Production time improved significantly.
  • Order fulfillment was streamlined, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Fallout was reduced, lowering operational costs.